I LOVE all things weddings!! I spend at least an hour each day just visiting  my favorite inspiration bridal blogs & reading about new wedding industry trends, products, vendors etc..SO recently while I was doing my regular thing  of “checking out fab bridal blogs” I came across Raana Chaudhry from SAPNA WEDDINGS blog post, Think outside the Mandap… After reading the post I was very impressed by it & emailed Raana to see if she would like to share some info with my blog readers & to elaborate a little more. And Raana being the awesome wedding planner extraordinaire that she is, submitted the following.

So without further ado… Let’s think outside the Mandap by Raana Chaudhry:)

So now that we are working diligently on our 2010 weddings, we thought we would share some of our ideas and experiences that may help future brides out.

Couples are always asking us how to make the look of their wedding different, so we want to share our ideas of how to make your ceremony and reception stand out.  We’ll start by talking about the mandap and how to change the look of a very traditional wedding piece. Times have changed and rarely do we see couples opting for the traditional 4 pillars creating a 8×8 or 10×10 box. People have moved towards semi-open mandaps (semi circle set up) or in some cases a combination of the boxed mandap with extensions on the side, helping to create a 20 or 30ft wide stage.

We have seen our fair share of those, what else can you do to make your mandap different?

1. Play with colour!

Don’t be shy to move away from the traditional colour palette of gold/red/maroon/orange. Try new colour combos like pink and green and blue and red. These colours can add some extra punch and make for a vibrant looking mandap.

2. Add some height

Mandap pillars are generally restricted to 8ft or 10ft high. Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty high, but why not get that extra “wow” factor by having your mandap 12-14ft high? Consider a fabric mandap which can be scaled to any height.

3. Combine the beauty of fabric with the presence of structure

Get the best of both worlds - use pillars AND fabric swag. You can arrange the pillars in a variety of combinations and add a large fabric backdrop in the back to really add some grandeur. Consider staggering the pillars in a trapezoid for a new semi-open look.

4. Use different height pillars

So you love pillars but still want to funkify your mandap. How about having different heights of pillars? Something like two 10ft pillars in the back and two 8ft pillars in the front arranged slightly open will make a difference. Or even consider an array of 4 or 6ft pillars with accessories on top like flower arrangements, lanterns or statues.

5. Accessorize!

Accessories make all of the difference. Different textured fabrics, beads and props may seem like small details but they really show on the wedding day. Hot new item of 2010? The Screen - a new way to incorporate structure and add depth to your project. Look out for decorators to be offering different types of screens or gates to beef up your mandap.

So now that the ceremony is over, let’s get ready for the reception…

The more weddings we do the more we see couples opting to take advantage of lighting design to add some flair to their wedding reception and we LOVE it! There are several different types of lighting options you can consider for your wedding, the most basic type that can be done at any venue is design lighting and LED up lighting. Design lighting can be provided by your decorator where patterned stencils are added to coloured or white lights and projected on the dancefloor, walls or ceiling. One of our favourite lighting options is LED up lighting. These multi coloured spotlights are lined up around the perimeter of the room and can change the look of the entire hall. Choose from a variety of colours to compliment your overall colour theme.

The second level up is table pin spot lighting. Pin spot lighting can be rented from an outside vendor or from the hall itself. Usually white lights, they focus on the centrepiece on each individual table and add a touch of class to the event. What better way to show off your stunning centrepiece then lighting it up for all to see!

The most impressive lighting option is only available at certain venues, these lights are built directly into the ceiling and can be focused anywhere in the room. They can offer lots of different lighting options, from full table lighting, pin lighting and table rim lighting to wall washes and dance lighting.  You can even create a lighting agenda to run alongside your event agenda! Every entrance, dinner course and presentation can be complimented with changing light colours.

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting at your event. Whether you want the full show or want to create a romantic atmosphere with more subtle options, take the time to work lighting into your budget, you’ll be glad you did.

Images Courtesy of Dream Party Decor , Karma Designs Studio , Dulhan Mandap


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